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10 red flags of male infidelity

Friday, June 19, 2015 - 14:29

10 red flags of male infidelity: A thought-provoking video by Cosmopolitan Detectives in Barcelona

Our private detectives have very accurate information on the specific behaviors of men that are tell-tale signs of infidelity. When a woman detects certain clues and suspects her partner of cheating, the next step is to hire a private detective to obtain conclusive evidence of such and dispel all doubts. In this way, if it turns out her partner was in fact unfaithful, she then can make a decision that works best for her, whether it be to recover and stay or end the relationship.

At COSMOPOLITAN DETECTIVES, we have compiled the most important clues to identifying possible male infidelity:

  1. He is always tired, distracted and disinterested. He is never up for doing anything that his partner suggests and is often tired, unmotivated, distracted and pensive. 
  2. He wants to try new things in the bedroom. Out of the blue, he desires to try new sexual experiments with his partner, using toys and other objects from sex-shops.
  3. He invents meetings and trips. He is absent for days, claiming to be on business trips.
  4. He suddenly joins a gym. Often enough, when guys start seeing other women, they desire to look good physically, therefore they join a gym or start doing other physical activity such as bike-riding, running, skating, etc.
  5. He has new expenses and has changed his grooming habits. He begins taking interest in his personal image by buying new clothes, colognes and crèmes. He also often buys new underwear.
  6. He acts suspiciously with certain calls. He behaves nervously and strangely when receiving specific calls and suddenly excuses himself to talk on the phone elsewhere.
  7. He sends messages before entering the home. He spends time sending text messages before coming inside the home.
  8. He has no sexual desire for his partner. He is less affectionate and intimate and avoids having sexual relations with his partner even when she initiates the action.
  9. He starts taking his phone everywhere. He begins hiding in certain parts of the house, such as the bathroom, where he can have more intimacy when texting and talking on his cell phone and not be interrupted.
  10. He starts coming home late from work. He uses meetings as an excuse to come home from work later than usual.


There are even more clues that can point to possible male infidelity. These include:

-  Lipstick stains or hairs of a woman (who is not his partner) on his clothes.

-  The smell of a woman’s perfume that is not his partner’s.

-  Finding certain female objects in his car, such as earrings and articles of clothing, or even coming across condoms.

-  He loses patience and gets nervous and irritated quickly.

-  He makes you feel guilty or starts senseless arguments accusing you of problems that arise.

-   He starts talking a lot about someone from work, about whom he never spoke before, and continuously mentions the person’s qualities.

-  He buys his partner gifts out of the blue because he feels guilty and this helps him feel better.

-  He starts partying regularly with friends or going out after hours, saying that he has to go to work before.

-  He asks his partner to go out with her friends so that he can have more freedom.

-  He spends money carelessly, something which he never used to do.

-  He may get upset when his partner makes plans for them to go out together.

-  He spends a lot of time on his computer, tablet or cell phone browsing social networks, looking for dates with other women.

-  He starts talking about topics which never interested him before but now do.  

-  He becomes suspicious of his partner for no reason, thinking she may be doing exactly what he is. He may even unjustly accuse her of cheating.

At COSMOPOLITAN DETECTIVES, we are experts in investigating cases of infidelity, particularly male infidelity. The aim of this article is to help women detect the signs that their partner may be cheating. Contact our agency. We will clear your doubts.


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